L.A. Foster

Flames Central, Calgary AB, June 24

Photo: Steve Louie

BY Anna AlgerPublished Jun 25, 2016

Montreal's Lesley Ann (L.A.) Foster brought her soulful dance music to Flames Central, opening for Kaytranada last night (June 24). She sang, played synth and handled production elements while a percussionist joined her in bringing the beat. Tracks from her 2015 EP, Saudade, like "495" and "Be More," got the crowd moving into the venue's pit, as Foster reached out to the audience and gave it her all. Her vocal range was impressive, airy notes being grounded in strong production.
Foster seemed to bring a new energy to her set, having noticeably grown as a performer since playing SoundOff in February. She also excelled at bringing some darkness to the dance floor, coupling minor keys with her emotional vocals and impassioned drumming. Even the self-described "breakup song" she played was dance-worthy: synth, piano, beats and bass melded together expertly. Calgarians were lucky to experience Foster's sunny, wistful tracks.

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