Kylesa No Ending/A 100° Heat Index

After impressively holding their own against noisecore leviathans Cream Abdul Babar on last year’s split EP, Kylesa return with No Ending/A 100° Heat Index, delivering two new tracks, a redo, a cover and a video. The stunner of the set isn’t their cover of crust-punk heroes Nausea’s "Clutches,” which is fine, but their own "A 100° Heat Index.” Utilising a wah-wah Fu Manchu-ish hook, the track stumbles down the line between insanely heavy and catchy, refusing to collapse on either side. It’s a track reminiscent and worthy of Neurosis, if they were a stoner rock band, delivering down-tuned damnation, not unlike the impossibly heavy, but melodic, Floor, if at a slightly higher velocity. "No Ending” also rocks hard, combining hardcore punk, viscous sludge, cacophonic noise and hostility into a devastating Molotov cocktail. A re-recorded version of "Delusion of Fire” and a video for "A 100° Heat Index” round out this EP. But if their new material is any indication, Kylesa’s next record should easily unleash concussive shockwaves. (Prank)