Kris Kristofferson This Old Road

Kristofferson’s muse has made freedom a constant companion throughout his career. It’s no surprise then that it is the theme of This Old Road — a self-reflective, bare bones acoustic record backed only by Stephen Bruton, Jim Keltner and Don Was. Produced by Was (Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones), the definitive disc is one of the most accomplished records of Kristofferson’s career. Filled with retrospective reflections, the storied songwriter looks back on the roads he’s travelled while commenting on the current state of the nation. On the contemplative title cut, the songsmith looks through the "looking glass” and "the faces in the windows” that reveal how time has passed him by. Later on "Wild American,” he speaks of freedom fighters who sing a "sadder song of freedom” — referencing some of his musical heroes such as Steve Earle, Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson. He also recalls a time when you would give the devil an IOU ("The Show Goes On”) for the promises you would fulfil "the day your dreams came true.” As the last of these 11 tracks fade from the speakers (the aptly titled "Final Attraction”) listeners will thank Kristofferson for allowing them to join him on this old road. (New West)