Krief Take It Or Leave

So, by the title of your album, it seems you desire a duel then, eh, Mr. Krief? Well, I accept! Yes, Patrick Krief, whose day job is playing guitar in the Dears, has assembled his own little band of merry musicians and tried his hand at the bigger picture. While some of the songs obviously sound like the Dears, Krief also dips his hand in some other sounds and moods. Well, maybe not so much, as there’s still that dreamy romanticism the Dears excel at. But this EP merely suffers from what afflicts many introductory EPs, namely that the majority of the songs are the first unsure steps of a maturing band. "Broken Mirrors” is a muscular number that goes for a Dears-esque climax but "What We Wanted” is the better song, as it has more of Krief’s personal stamp. The real pleasure, and hope for the future, comes from "Worries Are Over,” a folk-tinged song that sees Krief display some great pining sentiments and establishing an emotional connection that’s lacking in the other numbers. While I won’t up and leave on the strength of this EP, I am more than happy to linger. (Sunny Lane)