​Krief Premieres "Take the Night" Video

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Mar 20, 2019

Krief will release his latest album Dovetale later this year, and he's previewed the forthcoming record with a video for "Take the Night."
The record hears Krief portraying a surprisingly positive outlook on life (compared to previous album Automanic), a sound inspired by the actual honeymoon phase of his recent marriage.
It's not to say there aren't still moments of darkness, but for now, Krief has relegated those to their own companion EP called Line Stepper — leaving Dovetale to bask in his marital bliss.
Nevertheless, the accompanying video for "Take the Night" enters the realm of the macabre, exploring the Japanese ritual of seppuku (suicide by disembowelment).
"I was having a late night chat with Chris Mills, and for whatever reason I mentioned having an authentic handmade Japanese katana in my studio," Krief tells Exclaim! "That lead to some discussions about Japanese ritual suicide (seppuku), more notably the role of the kaishakunin, (the person who assisted and finalized the killings)."
He continued, "Mills went on to mention he'd been working with an extremely talented and captivating actor (Jesse Crowe) that he felt could bring a great sense of depth to this type of idea as a dancer/ actor. He told me to show up in a suit, and he took care of the rest."
Watch the resulting video below.
Dovetale is out June 7.

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