Kottonmouth Kings The Green Album

In the album's liner notes, Boy George-looking rapper Daddy X — the leader of the six-man Californian group — says they're responsible for a "powerful... movement and subculture that the critics and mainstream will never understand." So why bother reviewing The Green Album? Because it's cheap rock'n'roll fused with cheaper rap. It's lyrically asinine and the epitome of everything "the mainstream" does understand: weed, sex, weed, partying, weed, discounted environmentalism and more weed. Daddy X also writes in the liner notes that his band hope you find their album to be "a positive source of inspiration." Humbug! Here's your typical Kottonmouth Kings mantra: "I was happy, I didn't give a fuck/We all got wasted, then I got my dick sucked" ("Don't Give a Fuck"). Just about the only good thing you can say about The Green Album is if you play it long enough the disc heats up and is nice to cozy up to on cold winter nights.
(Suburban Noize)