R.I.P. Former Kottonmouth Kings Member Patrick "Pakelika" Cochrun

R.I.P. Former Kottonmouth Kings Member Patrick 'Pakelika' Cochrun
California rap-rock unit Kottonmouth Kings were supposed to be celebrating the release of their new album Mile High today (August 14), but instead the troupe are mourning the death of former band member Patrick "Pakelika" Cochrun. According to a statement from the group, their former masked hypeman has died of cardiac arrest linked to an asthma attack on August 11. He was 42 years old.

"What should be an exciting time for the group we have been blindsided, shocked and deeply saddened by the terrible news about our friend and former band member Pakelika's sudden death," Kottonmouth Kings' Brad "Daddy X" Xavier. "Nothing can prepare you for such horrible news and this reminds us all just how precious life is and the importance of friends and family."

While Cochrun left the group in 2010, Xavier noted that "his [Cochrun's] presence and the impact he made on us will live forever."

"We travelled the world together and played hundreds of shows together. The memories and experiences we shared will live forever in our hearts and souls," he continued.

The band have since dedicated the video for Mile High track "Mr. Cali Man" to their fallen friend. You can watch the clip down below.

Kottonmouth Kings and the Suburban Noize label also have plans to organize an event in the near future to help raise funds to pay Cochrun's hospital bills.

"Pakelika's friends and family want us all to celebrate his life and memory. We are making plans now for an event to celebrate Pak's life and to help raise money for his hospital bills," added Suburban Noize president Kevin Zinger. "Details will be announced shortly, until then we ask that everyone light a candle at 4:20 p.m. this week for our fallen brother and friend. This is a very sad time for us all, but let's all take some time and remember Pak for the loving and caring person he was."