Kodiak Deathbeds "Cross That Line"

Kodiak Deathbeds 'Cross That Line'
The details on Black Mountain member Amber Webber and Cave Singers' Derek Fudesco's debut effort as Kodiak Deathbeds have yet to be delivered, but the twosome have given up a preview via a stream of yet another tender single, "Cross That Line."

Contained to a calm and countrified acoustic lick and the welcoming, folksy vibrato of Webber, the track is an early a.m. reflection on the heart. Webber sits still, thinking of a connection that may have come to an end ("I need to throw you downstream"). You can hear her down below discussing how to live by a new set of rules.

Webber had previously told Exclaim! that a full-length release could arrive in the spring, but nothing has been set in stone.