Amber Webber Talks New Kodiak Deathbeds Project, Black Mountain Plans

Amber Webber Talks New Kodiak Deathbeds Project, Black Mountain Plans
As previously reported, vocalist Amber Webber is taking time off from Black Mountain and Lightning Dust for the time being to partner up with Cave Singers guitarist Derek Fudesco as Kodiak Deathbeds. After delivering a pair of folksy preview tracks online last month, the singer explains that there's even more music on the way.

Speaking with Exclaim!, Webber reveals that Kodiak Deathbeds got off the ground when Fudesco approached her at a Cave Singers show about collaborating and whether he could send over a couple songs he was working on.

"About a month later a song showed up and I loved it instantly," she recalls, explaining of her own contributions, "I threw it on GarageBand and wrote lyrics to it. This kept on happening and we were just so excited about it so we booked some time at [Sidney, BC studio] the Hive. We've recorded seven songs so far and we're going to try for another seven in the next couple of months."

While an estimated time of arrival on the LP has yet to come, as well as a label home for the release, Webber noted that Kodiak Deathbeds jump back in the studio with producer Colin Stewart this November and plan to deliver the set in the spring.

As demonstrated in early reveals "Rattle & Roar" and "We Found a Home," the new project focuses on blending the rustic but relaxed finger-picking guitar style of Fudesco with Webber's familiar vibrato. Unlike her powerful wails atop stoned-out Black Mountain sessions or the synth-driven sounds of Lightning Dust, the thistle-chewing arrangements of Kodiak Deathbeds have her more hushed than before.

"It was a bit of a conscious effort, for sure," she says of taking a tender vocal approach. "I always want to rip out the big, dramatic vocals but it's neat to scale it back. I've added a lot of fun harmonies with my vocals, getting into the subtleties of a mellow, folky songwriting style."

While Webber is dedicated to the new duo, there are other immediate plans to look forward to this fall. Namely, her and the rest of the Black Mountain crew will be getting together at the end of the month to prep new tunes for a follow up to 2010's Wilderness Heart. Though plans are less than concrete, Webber's not too concerned about an ETA for the LP.

"Black Mountain has taken a break so many times," she says with a laugh, noting busy schedules apart in Pink Mountaintop, Sinoia Caves, Kodiak Deathbeds and more. "We've already been swapping ideas over email, since Steve lives in L.A. now. We've already got some songs cookin'. It's going to be awesome.