Kittie Until The End

Admittedly, this record is a huge step forward. Ultimately, this record is a deranged pop-metal mess. Some of the most basic drumbeats imaginable are background for brainless power chord progressions that are so completely lacking beef it could barely pass as pigeon. It’s especially precious that these future biker chicks hell bent on getting heavy metal cred start their album crooning "You look so pretty.” Parts are repeated mercilessly and the end of said "pretty song” is a prime example of the generic rock to come. Seems over the past couple years they’ve been packed into Dad’s garage listening to Slayer instead of Serial Joe. It gets seriously heavy at points, completely opposed to the annoying metallipop of their two previous records and the current single "Into the Darkness.” The fifth song, "Pussy Sugar,” starts with an extremely ironic thrash, singing about tasting wreckage immediately, a taste that has, by this point, become very familiar to any listener. Not including the over-produced garbage that is layered with cheesy vocals, these heavy parts are scarce, but not completely without merit. Their attempts aren’t all bad, most notably the crazy tech breakdown mid-"Pussy Sugar,” that is actually faintly creative. None of this will matter though; their juvenile riot grrrl attitude will sell the record, sure to make it a favourite among the coveted 12-to-17 market. (Artemis)