The King Khan & BBQ Show The Garrison, Toronto ON, May 8

The King Khan & BBQ Show The Garrison, Toronto ON, May 8
Photo: Shane Parent
Garage-rock warriors King Khan and BBQ Show were in fine form last night at the Garrison. For them, this means loud, chaotic, drunk and (yes) puking. The duo of King Khan and Mark Sultan took the stage wearing bejewelled masquerade masks and spent a while bantering with the crowd and figuring out how their instruments worked before playing a note. "They didn't give us any beer tickets," Sultan said, "so we got hammered on our own." The crowd was quick to help them out, as various attendees bought them shots throughout the set.

None of this took away from the music, which was driving, urgent and poppy despite its sloppiness. Sultan provided a rock-solid backing beat with his floor drum while the two conjured the sound of a full doo-wop band. Their performance was so simple and stripped down, it was easy to overlook the pop songwriting genius behind it. Make no mistake: as long as they can stand up and sing, King Khan and BBQ Show will bring an assault of killer tunes.

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