King Django King Django Meets the Scrucialists

Now this is what I had in mind when King Django put out his highly anticipated solo album, Reason, on Hellcat. Reason was a disappointment for many, but King Django meets the Scrucialists, an appropriately named collaboration between Django and Switzerland’s ska/reggae band the Scrucialists, makes up for it. More laid back than Reason and with less of a killer edge and no lyrics about how women can’t resist him, the album moves along at a slow tempo. Django also uses the format to utilise the more soulful parts of his vocal range, while still letting lose on the dancehall tip in a couple songs accompanied by Germany’s Dr. Ring Ding. With King Django we finally get the album that many thought his Hellcat debut would be and it is a must for fans of other Django projects such as Skinnerbox, the Stubborn All-Stars, and his brief work with the Slackers. (Grover)