Kim Beggs Wanderer's Paean

Kim Beggs’ latest album, Wanderer’s Paean, is a reflection of the solace and success the Toronto-born roots musician has found in her present Yukon home. Undoubtedly, it’s odd to hear about an artist picking up and moving away from Canada’s musical epicentre but Beggs has done it for the sake of sincerity. Wanderer’s Paean contrasts the lost, lonely feelings associated with Canada’s unending stretches of land with those tight communal bonds that form between small-town dwellers. "Walking Down To The Station” opens the record, introducing listeners to Beggs’s innocent, honey drizzled vocals while capturing the wandering traveller’s carefree spirit. The same sauntering acoustics can be found elsewhere but "Lay It All Down” and "Ain’t Gonna Work” put a bit of spice in their step, making for a couple of enjoyable hand-clapping tunes. If anything, Wanderer’s Paean is one of the few roots records that has honestly, and so beautifully, captured Canada’s rustic back roads. (Caribou)