Killwhitneydead Scene of the Crime

As a band that rarely tours, North Carolina’s Killwhitneydead release their first DVD to fans overly hungry for visual material, and Scene of the Crime succinctly hits the spot. Through interviews with front-man Matt, this revealing look at the band’s history traces their momentum from the mystery days of their debut EP (influenced by the Brujeria mythos of the early ’90s) through to last year’s scorcher, So Pretty, So Plastic. Inspired by sound byte-using bands like New Jersey’s For the Love Of and UK’s Manic Street Preachers, KWD also endorse small venue shows without stage barriers to keep themselves honest and accessible. The group’s affection for hardcore/metal shines through in their philosophy of keeping participation, pile-ons and sing-alongs foremost in their shows. The disc also contains an amateur-shot live set, a handful of music videos, backstage and touring footage and photo gallery. Watching the fans mouthing all the words to their songs — and even to the voice snippets — is certainly a testament to KWD’s appeal, as Scene of the Crime will surely sate fans, at least for the time being. (Tribunal,