Killah Priest View From Masada

At the time of the release of Killah Priest's Heavy Mental, the backlash against Wu-Tang satellite groups didn't give his intriguing and promising mix of biblical philosophies and warped beats a fair hearing. Having taken note, Killah Priest has unfortunately returned almost as if his debut never existed. A new moniker (Masada) and a yearning to rock the party with generic beats that essentially eschew anything resembling the innovative path of his debut, are the tools Killah Priest feels he needs to get over. The news that no Wu-Tang members are involved, given all of this, does not come as a surprise. Now trying to mesh his spiritual allusions with party-rocking lyrics, Killah Priest predictably fails to do either very well. It's telling that the best thing here is "Whut Part Of The Game," featuring Ras Kass. This passionate scathing indictment of copycat MCs is nullified by Killah Priest mimicking 2Pac's flows and cadences minutes later, failing to take his own advice. (Universal)