Kids See Ghosts Kids See Ghosts

Kids See Ghosts Kids See Ghosts
One week removed from the release of ye, the eighth solo studio album by Kanye West, the (sometimes) misunderstood genius made good on releasing the self-titled debut from Kids See Ghosts, a duo comprised of himself and longtime collaborator Kid Cudi. Sitting at a painfully short seven songs, the project is every bit as good as it should be; this is genuinely the reintroduction to both artists the world deserves.
Yeezy and Cudi have arguably gone through a lot over the past few years. While not entirely poster children for mental health awareness, their journeys to bettering themselves through the power of positivity is on full display, with songs like "Reborn" and "Freeee (Ghost Town, Pt. 2)" seemingly shedding the demons, shackles and negativity plaguing the two notoriously creative, controversial and often elusive artists, and moving forward with a clear state of mind. A sort of childlike innocence and fearlessness seems to be occurring sub-theme of the LP.
Cudi's signature tone has aged like a fine wine, and Ye's bars are heaping with the depth and endearing attitude that seemed to be devoid from the awesome — yet noticeably shallow — ye. The collaborative greatness also deserves more attention than it's received thus far. While Cudi and Yeezy feel like lead singers, an extremely curated list of guests like Anthony Hamilton (who croons on the "Freeee (Ghost Town, Pt. 2)" refrain alongside Ty Dolla $ign), or Yasiin Bey's chorus and bridge on "Kids See Ghosts" make it feel like more of a larger collective.
Core fans who may have been slightly at odds with Kid Cudi's polarizing spurts of output since Man On The Moon 2 will get the feels just hearing him hum on the intro to "Reborn." Kanye's rule of sevens for this epic batch of output makes sense on paper, but as the Mr. Hudson feature "Cudi Montage" draws to a close, it's hard not to wish we had much more material to chew on. Let's hope it doesn't take another lifetime.

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