Kid Sister Kiss Kiss Kiss mixtape

Kid Sister <i>Kiss Kiss Kiss</i> mixtape
From the same blog-buzz school that spawned the careers of Amanda Blank and Uffie, Kid Sister was the great hope thanks to her charm, charisma and raw talent. Unfortunately, her long-delayed debut album Ultraviolet was a little ambitious as a mainstream crossover and ultimately fell flat. In the wake of that misstep, however, the Chicago-bred rapper has released a new mixtape.

Titled Kiss Kiss Kiss, the freshly dropped mix has Kid Sis dropping rhymes over fast-paced party beats mixed together by Fool's Gold co-owner Nick Catchdubs. Her own material shows her at the top of her game, Gucci Mane's guest spot switches things up nicely and the mix also includes Sis adding verses to Paul Wall's "Imma Get It."

 Now that 2005's popular brand of female electro-pop rap has made its way to mainstream radio in the bastardized form of Ke$ha and the Far East Movement, it's nice to hear Kid Sister drop some quality goods on this mix.

Kiss Kiss Kiss can be downloaded in exchange for your email address via the fancy widget below.