Kid Rock Immortalized with Three-Wheel Motorcycle

Kid Rock Immortalized with Three-Wheel Motorcycle
Thanks to his timeless rap-rock and mastery of whatever language "bawitdaba" is, there's no denying that Kid Rock deserves a Polaris Music Prize. Unfortunately, he's known as the American Badass for a reason — our hero is not Canadian, and therefore ineligible for the award. Fortunately, he's been honoured with a different kind of Polaris.

The American ATV, snowmobile and motorcycle company Polaris Industries has created what is perhaps the most apt cross-promotion of all time by honouring Kid Rock with his very own three-wheel motorcycle. 

Called the Slingshot Kid Rock SS-R, the roadster was introduced at a Las Vegas auto show earlier today (November 1). In addition to its ridiculous shape and design, the vehicle is fitted with plenty of Kid Rock branding.

In a press release, Steve Maneto, president of Polaris Motorcycles, said, "Standing out from the crowd and delivering an on-road experience like no other is what Slingshot is all about. With its distinctive style to its turbocharged performance, the Kid Rock SS-R concept is as bold as the rocker himself."

The custom vehicle was built by Bob Fehan Motorsports, whose own Bob Fehan added, "It's a combination of elements that come together cohesively to create a unique statement about the freedom of the Slingshot and the free expression of Kid Rock."

It's unclear if or when the Kid Rock roadster will be available for public consumption, though its very existence comes as bittersweet. Earlier this year, the performer's assistant and friend Michael Sacha died in a drunken ATV accident on Kid Rock's Tennessee estate.