Kid Koala Sets Release Date for '12 Bit Blues'

Kid Koala Sets Release Date for '12 Bit Blues'
Renowned turntablist Kid Koala (aka Eric San) has been talking about his forthcoming "blues turntable" record for a while now, but it will finally see release on September 17.

The new album will hit shelves and online shopping carts via Ninja Tune and the straightforward 12-song tracklist can be seen below. The artwork is pictured above.

Previously, San explained the inspiration behind the project, saying: "Being a DJ and a record collector, I started drawing all of these lines backwards from the music I was into as a teenager and was like, 'Wow, all of this stuff correlates to the blues' and I got really heavy into it. So much so that I decided to do an actual turntable blues record, whatever that means."

Apparently, a select few fans that grab the album early will be rewarded with a limited first-run edition, which includes a cardboard turntable kit.

You can listen to some of the new material and pre-order 12 Bit Blues right over here.

12 Bit Blues:

1. 1 bit Blues (10,000 miles)
2. 2 bit Blues
3. 3 bit Blues
4. 4 bit Blues
5. 5 bit Blues
6. 6 bit Blues
7. 7 bit Blues
8. 8 bit Blues (Chicago to LA to NY)
9. 9 bit Blues
10. 10 bit Blues
11. 11 bit Blues
12. Denouement