Kerrier District Kerrier District 2

Kerrier District is Luke Vibert’s cheeky disco alias and Kerrier District 2 is, aptly enough, his second record under this guise. Over his career, Vibert has proven himself something of a genre chameleon, attacking popular genres (trip-hop, drum & bass, acid techno, disco) if only to see if he can’t better them simply by getting involved. The results often sound like toss-offs and yet more often than not he succeeds. Kerrier District 2 is no exception. At six tracks and just under 35 minutes, it’s more of an EP than anything else. Still, if anything is to be gained from the Kerrier District output it’s that Vibert knows when to have fun. The man obviously enjoys the classic disco sound and, unlike Lindstrom or Morgan Geist, has no pretensions about advancing the genre for the 21st century. So, what we end up with are glamorous key-stabbing repetitions aimed at the dancers of another generation. And yet, for disco aficionados, Vibert’s idea of fun is so infectious, his veteran talent so secure, that it’s difficult not to like the faux flutes and sneering whistles of "Disco Nasty” or the breaks of "Robotuss.” It’s nothing groundbreaking but at least with Vibert you know you’re in good hands. (Rephlex)