Kendrick Lamar Responds to the Viral Video of a Security Guard Crying at His Show

"At the end of the day, that's how you want everyone to receive your music"

BY Kayla HigginsPublished Jul 27, 2022

Inside you, there are two wolves: one that cries at Kendrick Lamar's "LOVE" and one that records it.

The rapper himself has responded to a security guard who was on the job at his Houston show and knows this reality all too well — he can be seen openly weeping to the heartfelt DAMN. anthem (DAMNthem?) in a TikTok that went viral over the weekend.

Brooklyn-based kid journalist Jazlyn Guerra chatted with Lamar about the video after his set at Rolling Loud Miami on Sunday (July 24). "At the end of the day, past all the politics, past all the numbers, [what's most important is] what music makes you feel, you know?" the rapper told her.

Lamar continued: "To see that — and shoutout to him, by the way, because I see you, bro — I was like, 'Man, I wonder what he's going through.' At the end of the day, that's how you want everyone to receive your music, you know? Make them feel good, make them feel like a moment they're attached to can live forever."

The guard, whose name is Devyn Sanford, caught wind of the viral moment at the same time as everyone else.

"I woke up the next day and it was everywhere," he told a local Fox TV news crew.

"It brought me back to when the song first came out," Sanford said of his emotional reaction at the concert. "I was going through a tumultuous time in my life at that point… The words, the crowd around me; everyone was screaming and reaching for Kendrick and crying and I kind of, like, absorbed everybody's emotions. I was trying my best to hold it together and I just cracked." 

Say no more — we feel you.

Watch the viral TikTok and a clip of Guerra's interview with Lamar below.
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