Kendrick Lamar "These Walls" (video)

Kendrick Lamar 'These Walls' (video)
Kendrick Lamar continues to push his stunning To Pimp a Butterfly, this time by delivering an epic and comedic video clip behind the bump-and-swerve funk of "These Walls."

Subtitled "A Black Comedy," the video was directed by Colin Tilley and starts with a jailhouse conversation about a wild party. From there, we get a flashback to a motel scene full of skin-baring partygoers and Top Dawg Kendrick grinding up on a dance partner. Terry Crews is also on board for a foul-mouthed cut scene and an unexpected display of talent.

Considering there's a line in the song about "fucking on a famous rapper," the return to the party gets a bit sexual. There's no full-on nudity, but you may want to consider the "explicit" tag on the vid an NSFW warning.

You'll find the "These Walls" video down below.