Kaytranada Is Sorry (Not Sorry) If His New Album Sounds Different

Despite what the title of 'Timeless' suggests, "things done changed"

Photo: Hannah Sider

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jun 14, 2024

Kaytranada released a new album, Timeless, last week and he has a message for any fans who aren't digging his direction: he's sorry (not sorry) for changing.

In a tweet, the Montreal-raised (but not Montreal-based) beatmaker pointed out how much time has passed since he made his breakthrough debut album, 2016's 99.9%.

"99.9% beats were made when i was like 18, 19. I'm 31 now, things done changed," he wrote. Interestingly, he was 23 when 99.9% came out, meaning that the beats were four or five years old by the time he released them. He subsequently added that, while he made his beats as a teenager, he turned them into proper songs a few years later.

He added, "i'm sorry if i don't sound the same. (not sorry)," ending the tweet with a winky emoji.

Kaytranada should be pleased to know that Exclaim! is down with his sonic evolution, since we gave Timeless an 8/10 review.

Meanwhile, we'll hear more from Kaytra soon. He confirmed that he produced, arranged and mixed all of his brother Lou Phelps's upcoming album, meaning that it's essentially a reunion from the pair's hip-hop duo, the Celestics.

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