Kataklysm In The Arms of Devastation

It’s pretty sad when a band as distinguished and as respected as Kataklysm get pigeonholed by their record company as having toured with "high profile acts such as Bleeding Through”; this far into their career, their discography speaks for itself. They hardly need the hype associated with mainstream fashioncore. The godfathers of northern "hyperblast” have returned with their brand of melodious thrash, speeding through heavy grooves and harmonised tremolo terror with all the vitality they ever possessed. Several slow, more ambient moments balance the record nicely, adding a dynamic that compliments the imagination that Kataklysm are known for. While the songs tap their signature creative vein, there’s none of the unnecessary that characterised their previous efforts. Regardless, their sophistication and sheer talent make up for what they lack in flashiness. This is also their best sounding album to date, the production being perfectly crisp, highlighting each instrument while combining their individual strengths to form a superior piece of crushing metallic brutality. All things considered, In the Arms of Devastation delivers a fatal blow to any cynics who doubted if Kataklysm would able to pull it off again. (Nuclear Blast)