Karen Kosowski Optimist Party

Kosowski's third album is full of indie spirit, spite and vigour. A healthy amount of grrrl rock anger mixed with self-reliant ingenuity has enabled Kosowski to control the destiny of her own career and she never lets you forget that as you listen to song after song on the subject. There are a couple of tunes where Kosowski wields her pop magic to create the kind of slightly alternative Kim Stockwood-type rockers that commercial radio would be shamed not to pick up ("Optimist Party," "Woman" and "Stained Glass Window," although the latter 's chord progression is a bit too reminiscent of Eagle Eye Cherry's "Stay Tonight"). Playing many of the album's instruments and co-producing the project has allowed Kosowski the room to present the many facets of her multiple musical personalities. Luckily, all the pieces fit together quite well to make a mature and enjoyable release. (Independent)