Kanye West to Pay $200K Per Month in Child Support to Kim Kardashian

The pair finalized their divorce this week

BY Allie GregoryPublished Nov 30, 2022

Nearly two years out from their initial filingKim Kardashian and Kanye West's divorce terms have at last been finalized. While the rapper will share joint physical and legal custody of their four children, he will have to pay $200,000 USD to Kardashian per month in child support.

As per TMZ's reporting, both parents will have "equal access" to the kids, though sources indicate that Kardashian will likely have them most of the time. The former couple have agreed to settle disputes about the children's care with a mediator, and if one party fails to participate, the other parent will be granted decision-making powers by default.

In addition to the monthly support, West will also be responsible for half of his kids' medical, educational and security expenses. Division of assets will be sorted in accordance with the former couple's prenup, which also waives spousal support for both Kardashian and West.

West's new expenses come shortly after the rapper himself announced that he owes $50 million USD in taxes. Meanwhile, his various brand deals and sources of income have seemingly dried up amid his repeated and public antisemitic commentary — all this amid the rapper's plan to run for US president in 2024

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