​Kanye West Talks Trump, Porn and Mental Health on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

​Kanye West Talks Trump, Porn and Mental Health on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'
Kanye West may not have shown up for "Carpool Karaoke" with James Corden yet, but he  did follow through with an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night (August 9).
Spanning more than 20 minutes, Kimmel's interview with the controversial rapper opened by mapping out the trajectory of his success, but when Donald Trump was brought up in conversations, things got a bit more awkward.
Laughing off Kimmel's questions about Kim Kardashian being alone in the Oval Office with the president, Kanye quipped, "Well, he is a player."
When asked if he thought Trump was a good president, West went on a tangent about love and fear and gaining the confidence to be brave enough to wear a MAGA hat.
He continued with a philosophical rant about his concept of free thought and how the world is just a massive exercise in simulation.
Then when Kimmel point blank asked West how he could think that Trump "cares about black people or any people at all," West simply remained silent, and the show cut to a commercial break.
The interview continued, with the pair discussing the lyrics to ye cut "Violent Crimes," which hears him imagining how men treat his daughter when she starts dating in the future. But when Kimmel asked if his treatment of women has changed since having a daughter, West simply cracked, "Nah, I still look at Pornhub."
When they finished laughing, the pair discussed his preferences when searching for porn.
Things took a more serious turn, when they discussed "I Thought About Killing You," delving into the dark realities of mental illness. In a surprisingly poignant moment, West even revealed that he'd thought of designing his own tombstone that reads: "Are you happy now?"
He later talked about how he has learned to embrace his bipolar disorder, and the importance of having open discussions about mental health — especially to underserved black communities.
Watch the interview, which ranges from abstract to emotional, below.

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