Kalle Mattson's summersets Tell a 'small town story' on Debut Album

Jim Bryson, Kinley Dowling, Mika Posen, Peter Von Althen and Olivier Fairfield contribute

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Mar 15, 2023

Kalle Mattson and Andrew Sowka have detailed their debut album as summersets. The duo will deliver small town story on June 9.

The duo describe the 16-song small town story as "a snow globe of a record," in that it is "a self contained fictional world influenced by the music we love, not what is popular."

More specifically, they write how it "tells the story of a relationship from the moment two people meet until one passes away. Set in Northern Ontario, the songs span decades, a party, a connection, a car crash, a break up, a wedding, and a death."

Written and recorded on and off over the past three years, the album brings Mattson and Sowka together with Jim Bryson (who also produced), Kinley Dowling (Hey Rosetta!, KINLEY), Mika Posen, Peter Von Althen and Olivier Fairfield (Timber Timbre, FET.NAT).

small town story follows a pair of EPs from the duo: 2020's small town saturday and 2021 follow-up small town sunday. New song "afterall" can be heard below in a video where Mattson and Sowka perform their latest Simon & Garfunkel-style.

Pre-order small town story.

small town story:

1. fake flowers
2. anywhere you go
3. christian scientist
4. pass me by
5. except (for you)
6. borderline
7. acceptance letter
8. afterthought
9. only you
10. (over now)
11. afterall
12. before you & i
13. unbelievers
14. never love another
15. more less
16. small town story

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