Kacy & Clayton

The Siren's Song

BY Laura StanleyPublished Aug 16, 2017

On their third album, Saskatchewan band Kacy & Clayton are more confident than ever.
The Siren's Song developed out of Kacy Anderson and Clayton Linthicum's touring as a four-piece band alongside a drummer and a bassist, which alleviated some of the restrictions that come with being a quiet duo. Linthicum turned up his electric guitar while Anderson, not as concerned with venue set-up or a noisy crowd, felt more liberated. The pair started to have more fun, and it shows.
With Jeff Tweedy (Wilco) as producer, the playfulness of Kacy & Clayton's revamped live show is reflected in The Siren's Song. On tracks like "A Certain Kind of Memory" and "This World Has Seven Wonders," the band capture the impulse many of us have to pack our bags, move to the country and become a recluse, while Linthicum leads full band arrangements with his electric guitar. "White Butte Country," which features Linthicum on lead vocals, is the most lighthearted of the bunch, as a rolling melody helps to spin a story of a man looking for love.
Anderson's voice, though, is the hypnotizing core of The Siren's Song. Her voice is light as air on "Just Like A Summer Cloud," but can also convey ominousness, depending on the song. On standout track "A Lifeboat," she acts like a lighthouse's guiding beam that will bring her absent lover home; when it turns out he's a low-life cheater, she's livid, and she reveals she's been guiding him towards jagged rocks ashore all along. 
The Siren's Song is another compelling chapter in what looks increasingly likely to be the long story of Kacy & Clayton's career.
(Dine Alone)

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