Julian Taylor Teases New Album 'Pathways' with "Weighing Down"

The award-winning songwriter's latest arrives in September

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Apr 17, 2024

Julian Taylor has announced a new album. The award-winning artist will share Pathways on September 27 via his label Howling Turtle Inc.

The follow-up to 2022's Beyond the Reservoir, Pathways is previewed today by new song "Weighing Down," a bit of comforting encouragement marked by Jim Hoke's warm pedal steel and Taylor's resonant vocal, urging, "You've been so hard on yourself / It's time to let things soften now."

"All of us are our own worst enemies. All of us are so hard on ourselves," Taylor explains of the song. "That kind of pressure, and the way it affects our health, both mentally and physically — that's the weighing down of the world we put on our own shoulders because of things we think we've done wrong. What I'm saying here is, I've got to relieve myself from all of this hurt — and so do you."

"Weighing Down" was produced by Colin Linden, and while further details on Pathways have yet to be revealed, a release points to a forthcoming guest spot from Allison Russell on the album's title track.

Last year saw Taylor collect songs old and new for Anthology Vol. 1.

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