Jonny Greenwood Hopes to Reunite with Radiohead but He's "Too Busy Dicking Around in This Studio"

They're "still talking all the time"

Photo: Stephen McGill

BY Alex HudsonPublished May 13, 2024

Another day, another Radiohead update. Depending on who you ask and on what day, the band either doesn't exist at the moment or they are about to reform. Now, here's the latest take on Radiohead's future: guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Jonny Greenwood says that the band "need to make a plan and get some time together sorted out," but for now he's "too busy dicking around in this studio."

Speaking with The Guardian, Greenwood pointed out that "lots of music is being made" by the band's members, even if it's not with Radiohead.

"Well, the Smile are on tour, Ed [O'Brien] is making another solo record, Colin [Greenwood] is playing bass with Nick Cave — they've just done five sold-out nights at the Sydney State theatre — so lots of music is being made. Just not as Radiohead. We're still talking all the time, we just need to make a plan and get some time together sorted out in advance. I've never been very good at that. Too busy dicking around in this studio."

The interview with The Guardian concerned an eight-hour drone composition written for church organ. It will premiere at the Norfolk & Norwich Festival, which is currently taking place in Norwich, UK.

Meanwhile, Thom Yorke just released his score for the film Confidenza.

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