Johnny Clegg Live!

The live shows of South Africa's first multi-racial band Juluka and pan-African/Euro pop band Savuka were colourful spectacles filled with traditional Zulu culture and this is the first time they are captured on DVD. The Savuka footage from Paris (circa 1990) is high quality concert cinematography with lots of clean close-ups and good sound. The accompanying Juluka footage from Cape Town in 1983 suffers from lower picture and sound quality but holds up much better, as it isn't dominated by synths like the Savuka stuff. In addition to 12 music videos (now very dated looking), song lyrics are also included, as is an interview with Clegg where he chronologically charts the development of his Zulu fascination. The bonus material is exceptional — an acoustic performance of "Giyani" in 2001, Nelson Mandela walking onstage as the band plays "Asimbonanga" in Frankfurt, and a mesmerising Juluka Zulu dance in front of a sardine-packed open air stadium. (Eagle Vision/EMI)