John Carpenter's 'Halloween' Soundtrack Getting Vinyl Reissue via Mondo

John Carpenter's 'Halloween' Soundtrack Getting Vinyl Reissue via Mondo
Recent years have been especially kind to the fans of director/composer John Carpenter, whose soundtracks have gained a second life via an increasingly long string of reissues. At the centre of it all has been UK horror-soundtrack hub Death Waltz, which has given vinyl reissues to synth-filled gems like They Live, Prince of Darkness and soon Assault on Precinct 13.

Of course, the label also last year gave some lavish vinyl treatment to Carpenter's famed scores to Halloween II and Halloween III, promising at the time that a soundtrack reissue for the original film was ideally in the pipeline. It comes as a surprise then that U.S. soundtrack label Mondo has stepped in to announce that it will soon be reissuing the score to the original Halloween instead.

Mondo made its cryptic announcement late yesterday (October 7) via an Instagram video, which shows a turntable playing a test pressing of what's presumed to be Halloween, as its iconic main theme is playing in the background. The label also shared this simple message: "Our vinyl release this Halloween."

At this point, that's all we have to go on, but no doubt more information will be revealed soon. So far, Death Waltz has not commented on the reissue announcement, but it is possible that the label will handle the UK release of Halloween while Mondo will do the vinyl reissue in the U.S., much like what occurred with the soundtrack release to the 2012 version of Maniac.

For now, stay tuned.

UPDATE: Exclaim! has now confirmed that Mondo is indeed pressing Halloween for the October 31 holiday. However, Death Waltz has informed us that the label will not be doing its own pressing of the soundtrack.