Jlin Teams Up with Björk, Philip Glass and Kronos Quartet for New Album 'Akoma'

BY Kaelen BellPublished Jan 18, 2024

Indiana-born producer Jlin hasn't released a full-length album since 2017's sophomore effort Black Origami, but she's making her comeback with some heavy hitters in tow. 

Jlin has announced Akoma, her forthcoming third album that features collaborations with Björk (who Jlin has remixed in the past), Philip Glass and the Kronos Quartet

Jlin and Björk collaborated on album album opener "Borealis," while Kronos Quartet feature on "Sodalite" and Philip Glass on album closer "The Precision of Infinity," which you can hear now. The song weaves Glass's florid piano through Jlin's frantic beats — it's cool!

Jlin released her mini-album Perspective in 2023, and she's done a bunch of collaborations, remixes and soundtrack work in the years since Black Origami

Check out "The Precision of Infinity" and the Akoma tracklist below. 


1. Borealis (feat. Björk)
2. Speed of Darkness
3. Summon
4. Iris
5. Open Canvas
6. Challenge (To Be Continued II)
7. Eye Am
8. Auset
9. Sodalite (feat. Kronos Quartet)
10. Grannie's Cherry Pie
11. The Precision of Infinity (feat. Philip Glass)

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