Jim Bryson Hosts a Backyard BBQ in "Labor Drive" Video

And he hopes you like chicken wings

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Aug 30, 2018

Ahead of releasing the Tired of Waiting EP next month, Jim Bryson has delivered a second cut from the effort in "Labor Drive," which arrives alongside a video.

Directed by Lesley Marshall, the clip finds Bryson hosting a backyard barbecue, complete with some extreme closeups of his guests chowing down on some tasty chicken wings. You can watch it all go down below.

"When Jim came to me with the idea for the video he did say it was his wildest idea ever," Marshall explained in a statement. "I was immediately intrigued and it turned out he wanted to make a lovely, wholesome video about having a backyard party where friends of ours were eating chicken wings at extreme close ups. The wings, as they do, ran out quickly, but we were able to capture the finger-licking goodness without getting too much on our telephoto lens."

Tired of Waiting is set to arrive September 14 via Coax Records/Headless Owl Records.

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