Jim Bryson

"Changing Scenery" / "Breathe" on Exclaim! TV

BY Hannah ZieglerPublished Jun 14, 2016

Transitioning from a pop-punk band to a folksy solo act isn't the most straightforward path a musician can take, but just feels like par for the course for Jim Bryson, who's cut his teeth in a number of projects and genres. A former member of the short-lived Ottawa alternative power pop group Punchbuggy, Bryson has since released six solo albums, spanning from his 2000 debut The Occasionals to this year's acclaimed Somewhere We Will Find Our Place. The multi-instrumentalist's evolution has seen him lending his talents to many other musicians too — Kathleen Edwards and the Weakerthans are just two of his collaborators — but 16 years down the line, his sound currently resides in a rich, soft acoustic timbre.

Bryson recently stopped by Exclaim! headquarters to perform two sweet songs from his most recent LP with Canadian singer-songwriter Caroline Brooks. Their performances of "Changing Scenery" and "Breathe" both encapsulate a calm yet carefree attitude. Bryson's raw lyrics, gorgeous harmonies, a cozy harmonica melody fit for a summer bonfire and the sunlight beaming down on their acoustic guitars all combine for a pretty special performance; check out both of the serene clips in the player below.

Filmed and edited by Katherine Kwan
Audio by Kyle Laurin

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