Jerry Leger and the Situation

Some Folks Know

BY Rachel SandersPublished Nov 14, 2012

Jerry Leger (at the age of 27) has put out six albums in seven years; it's a varied catalogue that ranges from acoustic folk to juiced-up, old-time rock'n'roll. His latest batch of songs is filled with a raw, confident energy that suggests the Toronto, ON songwriter is only getting started. This time around, Leger's band, the Situation, cut loose with what Leger says is a good representation of their energetic live performance. Recorded live-off-the-floor, the album features a dozen folk rock tracks with a country flavour. The songs range from the dynamic, countrified "Old Soldier" and the loose, joyful jangle of "Don't You Fret" to quieter moments filled with searing emotion, like the caustic "Filthy Mouth." Long-time Leger supporter Ron Sexsmith once again contributes on piano and Serena Ryder is featured on one of the album's lower-key highlights: duet "All Over Again." Leger and Ryder sound shockingly good together and though their voices tend towards a gravelly rasp, they blend beautifully — all the sharp edges are buffed away, leaving only warm, sweet harmonies. Leger is a disarmingly modest character who speaks self-deprecatingly about everything from his guitar playing to his singing, but Some Folks Know is an accomplished collection and a leap forward for this passionate, committed songwriter.

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