Jefre-Cantu Ledesma Teams Up with Tarentel Bandmates as Moholy-Nagy

Jefre-Cantu Ledesma Teams Up with Tarentel Bandmates as Moholy-Nagy
Aside from his work with Tarentel and the Alps, sound sculptor Jefre-Cantu Ledesma blew our minds with his 2010 solo effort Love Is a Stream. It appears that anything this guy touches is pleasing to our ears, which is why we're more than excited that he's launched yet another recording project.

The band is called Moholy-Nagy and sees Ledesma re-teaming with his Tarentel bandmates Danny Paul Grody and Trevor Montgomery, marking the first time all three have worked together since their effort The Order of Things. However, Ledesma and Montgomery recently released an album as Isidore Ducasse.

Moholy-Nagy have already prepared a debut album called Like Mirage, and they've recruited some big names to help out, including Trans Am's Phil Manley, who recorded and mixed the project, and Mi Ami's Damon Palermo, who played drums.

A press release suggests that "the group bottled a vibrant landscape that recalls the late '70s explosion of cosmic and new age music as if it were a sunset descending on the damp streets of San Francisco."

Like Mirage will be available on October 18 via Temporary Residence. Select tracks from the group can be streamed below.

In addition to this news, Ledesma recently announced that he is working on a follow-up to Love Is a Stream. The album is tentatively called Devotion and is expected for release this winter.

Like Mirage:

1. "Tears Of The Prophet"
2. "Brute Neighbors"
3. "Sunday Brunch"
4. "Somersaults"
5. "Seagulls"
6. "Homeless Comet"
7. "Migratory Birds"
8. "Astronomy Is A Natural Science"
9. "Lunar Zone"
10. "Nightjar"