JEFF the Brotherhood Shed Light on Warner Deal

JEFF the Brotherhood Shed Light on Warner Deal
Nashville sibling duo JEFF the Brotherhood recently released their latest album, the excellent We Are the Champions. And while the record continues in the lo-fi psychedelic punk vein of previous albums, there is a significant difference.

We Are the Champions is the first JEFF the Brotherhood record to be distributed by the Alternative Distribution Alliance, an "indie" distributor 95 percent owned by Warner Music Group (Sub Pop controls the other five percent). As we previously reported, it's part of a deal Jake and Jamin Orrall inked with Warner earlier this year that will see the brothers' next album released through the corporate behemoth.

But as the Orrall brothers explain, the deal gives them a significant amount of creative freedom and allows them to continue to co-release their albums through their own label, Infinity Cat.

"That's what made this record deal so awesome," Jake tells Exclaim! "We were in the position to negotiate exactly what we wanted because we didn't need anything. So we sort of got our dream deal."

For the record, Warner sought out the band, not the other way around, explains Jake. He also cleared up some confusion regarding the rest of the Infinity Cat roster. The deal -- both with Warner and ADA -- pertains only JEFF the Brotherhood. The rest of the Infinity Cat roster, including Heavy Cream and Natural Child, remains firmly independent with distribution handled through various outlets on a case-by-case basis.

"Most of the feedback I've gotten, people are really excited for us," says Jake. "I haven't gotten any negative feedback yet. It's really, really good for us. It's going to allow us a lot more people."

Not surprisingly for a band that played 260 show last year, JEFF the Brotherhood will be spending the foreseeable future on the road. You can check out those dates here, and read more of Exclaim!'s recent interview with JEFF the Brotherhood here.

We Are the Champions is out now.