JEFF the Brotherhood Return with 'Magick Songs' LP

Hear new song "Parachute"
JEFF the Brotherhood Return with 'Magick Songs' LP
Just shy of two years on from releasing their Zone LP, JEFF the Brotherhood have announced a follow-up effort.

Titled Magick Songs, the 12-track release will arrive September 7 through Dine Alone.

The effort finds brothers Jake and Jamin Orrall collaborating with Jenna Moynihan of Daddy Issues and Bully's Reece Lazarus, while co-writing with Raconteurs/Dead Weather member Jack Lawrence and Kunal Prakash (Viva L'American Death Ray Music/Quintron's Weather Warlock Band).

Both Lawrence and Prakash have become full-fledged band members, marking the first time the brothers had worked on their preceding full-lengths solely with engineers.

"It was a huge change for us," Jake Orrall said in a statement, "but the music that we had been making up to this point had just kind of fizzled out. It got stale for us. We felt like we'd hit a dead end and we were really excited to try some new things. We built this record from scratch with all of us in a room together which was a really different approach than anything we'd done before, and spent five months working day in and day out. Our average time for recording a record before this was three days, so there wasn't really any room or time for this kind of experimentation."

Musically, Magick Songs is said to draw influence from psych, kraut rock, Indonesian Gamelan forms and Japanese experimental music from the '80s and '90s. Compositionally, the album found Jake Orrall constructing songs by editing and reassembling extended improvisations, tying everything together with overdubs.

A first taste of the record can be heard with "Parachute," which you can find in the player below.

Magick Songs:

1. Focus On The Magick
2. Camel Swallowed Whole
3. Singing Garden
4. Parachute
5. Celebration
6. Locator
7. Wasted Lands
8. Relish
9. The Mother
10. Magick Man
11. Heavy Journey
12. Farewell To The Sun