Clubs Are Closed, but Jayda G's 'Both of Us / Are U Down' Couldn't Have Come at a Better Time

BY Ashley HampsonPublished Jul 2, 2020

BC-born, London-based artist Jayda G struggled with whether to release her latest EP, Both of Us / Are U Down, in the midst of everything transpiring across the globe, but after teasing "Both of Us" in her DJ sets, she was inundated with requests for a release. The overwhelmingly positive response, especially in a time when clubs and festivals are inaccessible and their futures uncertain, is what convinced her that now is the right time.

The four-track EP features the two namesake tracks along with a remix of each and is her first new material released since her acclaimed debut album, Significant Changes, dropped last year. While her previous release focused heavily on funk with influences from the Detroit house scene, this latest EP shoves its way out the gate with uplifting house on "Both of Us," a throwback to dancefloors past that could easily hold its own for song of the summer. With its upbeat keys that slow into an unhurried breakdown and release, it's a refreshing splash of classic house that's often overlooked these days.

"Are U Down" presents a different foot, with a much more muted take on dance music and a lot more grit than previous releases, something that's reminiscent of the UK's Underworld from the early aughts.

Jumping into the two remixes, while they're beefed up versions of the originals that absolutely move them into the club scene, they still stand second-tier to the phenomenal construction and execution of "Both of Us" and "Are U Down." As her second release, it seems Jayda G stepped up at just the right time.
(Ninja Tune)

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