Jay-Z Crowned Hip-Hop's Top Cash King

Jay-Z Crowned Hip-Hop's Top Cash King
After his recent $5 million Def Jam contract buy-out it's hard to believe that Jay-Z still holds the top spot as richest hip-hop artist. Still, according to Forbes, Hova is still the richest in the game, earning a whopping $35 million a year, both from music and from his various other business projects, like his new Roc Nation label under Sony Music, on which he will release The Blueprint 3 on September 11.

Following Jay-Z on the list are the usual suspects like Sean "Diddy" Combs, who earns $30 million a year, Kanye West with $25 million and 50 Cent with $20 million.

To bolster extreme jealousy within us all, it was also recently announced that Jay-Z's wife, Beyonce Knowles is the top paid celebrity under the age of 30, according to Forbes, earning an insane $87 million annually.

Um, we think it's safe to say that B and Jay have earned the title of "power couple."

Here's Forbes' Hip-Hop Cash Kings of 2009:

1. Jay-Z - $35 million

2. Sean 'Diddy' Combs - $30 million

3. Kanye West - $25 million

4. 50 Cent - $20 million

5. Akon - $20million

6. Lil Wayne - $18 million

7. Timbaland - $17 million

8. Pharrell Williams - $16 million

9. T-Pain - $15 million

10. Eminem - $14 million