James Vincent McMorrow

"If I Had A Boat"

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Jan 25, 2011

Last week, we mentioned that Irish singer James Vincent McMorrow would be issuing a Canadian version of his 2010 debut Early in the Morning via Dine Alone today (January 25). If you hadn't already snagged an import copy of the album, this download of the album's "If I Had a Boat" could be your introduction to the falsetto-voiced folkie.

The song goes by humbly on crack-of-dawn piano musings and softly brushed drums, while McMorrow gently croons of his love atop some unassuming banjo plucks.

Reportedly recorded at a secluded house near the sea, you can practically imagine the musician standing at the edge of the water calling out to his lover. Maybe if he had a boat he wouldn't have missed his sweetheart so much.

You can download "If I Had a Boat" by clicking the arrow in the player below.

Oh, and apparently Alexisonfire/City and Colour dude Dallas Green is a fan, offering up this statement about McMorrow, "When I first heard James Vincent McMorrows voice it made me wonder why I even bother to use mine."

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