James Pants Announces 'Savage' LP

James Pants Announces 'Savage' LP
Experimental beat-maker and all around pop weirdo James Pants hasn't released an official solo album since his self-titled effort in 2011. That's set to change shortly, however, as the artist has announced plans for a new LP.

The record is called Savage, and features 14 new compositions from Pants, who's now based in Cologne, Germany. 

Details are scarce about the LP, but we do know that it'll arrive on April 14 via Stones Throw

The artist tweeted that after this album comes out, he plans to make a rap record.


1. Draghi Race
2. Sat Nav
3. Designated Driver
4. Spaces
5. Artificial Lover
6. Shantay
7. Dreams Be True
8. Black
9. Vit
10. Machu Pichu
11. Broth
12. My Body
13. Outage
14. Mechanique