James Pants 'FACT mix 262'

James Pants 'FACT mix 262'
Pop weirdo James Pants has taken a break from his strange compositions to compile an excellent mixtape for FACT, which can be heard now online.

The diverse mix can be streamed below or downloaded here.

James Pants' FACT mix:

1. "RMI Keyboard Demonstration"
2. Big Moe "Sippin' Codeine"
3. Alan Parsons "Nucleus"
4. Fourth Way "The Far Side Of Your Moon"
5. Creme Soda "Keep It Heavy"
6. Pink Industry "I Wish"
7. TJ the Hustler "Age Of Individualism"
8. Race N'Rhythm "Teenage Girls"
9. Tones On Tail "Twist"
10. JVB "Chipland Liquids"
11. Mr. Marcellus "Wood Grain"
12. James Pants "Crying In The Midnight Hour"
13. Brainticket "Jardins"
14. Luie Luie "Touch Of Light"