James Murphy Not Producing Albums From Arcade Fire or Yeah Yeah Yeahs

James Murphy Not Producing Albums From Arcade Fire or Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Sorry to burst your bubbles, LCD Soundsystem and Arcade Fire fans, but scruffy electro dude James Murphy won't be producing the Montreal indie pop troupe's next album.

Despite rumours that surfaced last month when Murphy was interviewed on the BBC, Murphy recently debunked the myth to The Huffington Post.

"That's not necessarily true," Murphy said of the suggestion that he'd work on the next Arcade Fire record. "We don't work like that. Because I work with friends, if I have time and they're doing something and I'm on the East Coast, then we can do something. But also they don't need a producer, in a way. They produce themselves. When I was making my record, any number of people came and spent a couple weeks or a week hanging out and being involved in the process."

Similarly, a recent video of Murphy jamming with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Nick Zinner suggested that their new album would have some sound of silver on it, but the LCD dude said that's incorrect as well.

"I just did a little fun stuff," Murphy said of his time with Zinner. "Nothing really big; I don't have time and they don't have time. I think they're done with their record now, I was just fussing around. I didn't make their album. They're just friends."

So there you have it: as far as we know, James Murphy isn't producing the new albums from the Arcade Fire or the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. He just likes to hang out with them.