James Blake

Bigfoot Stage, George WA, May 24

Photo: Kim Jay

BY Craig ShutkoPublished May 26, 2015

London electronic producer James Blake does a masterful job of mixing personal lyrics with haunting electronic keyboard riffs. His slowed down electronic beats and slow builds really take the audience on a journey and give his music its characteristic quality.
Last night (May 24) on the Bigfoot stage, Blake and his band provided a wall of sound with visuals that rounded out the spacy sensory experience. Tracks like "Voyeur," from Blake's 2013 release Overgrown, really captivated the crowd.
Blake didn't hesitate to pull out hits from his 2011 self-titled debut album, playing "I Never Learnt to Share" and "Lindisfarne I" and "II". The show closed, to the delight of fans, with "The Wilhelm Scream."
The sound quality at the stage was particularly good for Blake. For much of the day, bass riffs were bleeding from nearby stages, making for a mixed sound experience, but for Blake, no notable background noise was present.
Blake's live looping effects and masterful weaving of layer after layer of sound made his performance a robust and interesting experience.

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