Jadea Kelly Announces 'Clover' LP

Jadea Kelly Announces 'Clover' LP
When Jadea Kelly released Eastbound Platform a few years back, we noted that the album "[deserved] to bring her wider attention." Perhaps she'll finally get that attention when she releases Clover on May 21 through Darth Jadea Music/Divergent Recordings.

The album was recorded at the Woodshed Studio in Toronto with producer Stew Crookes (Hawksley Workman, Doug Paisley, Luke Doucet). It reportedly represents a major stylistic shift for the rootsy Kelly, and a press notes that it features "heavy orchestration, darker organ pads, layered harmonies and sonic space," along with synths and rich ambient textures.

Get a taste of this sound by streaming the atmospheric space-folk tune "Wild West Rain" over at SoundCloud.

Clover was named after Kelly's grandfather's rural Ontario farm, and much of the record was composed on the property. "Much like farming, working as a touring musician offers little financial reward — nor does it provide a guaranteed retirement," said Kelly in a statement. "Despite this, I am fully dedicated. It is my passion and it is stitched into the very fabric of my being. Whether performing in a large hall or sewing a field with seeds, both professions are a calling and a require love of land and love of art."

Below, peruse the tracklist, along with Kelly's upcoming Ontario tour schedule.


1. Wild West Rain
2. Powell River
3. Lone Wolf
4. Mary Don't Go
5. You Had Me
6. Saintly Stare
7. Hour North
8. Clover
9. I'll Be
10. Count On
11. Violet

Tour dates:

4/16 Toronto, ON - The Cameron House

4/20 Toronto, ON - Cabin Fever (Record Store Day)

4/23 Toronto, ON - The Cameron House

4/30 Toronto, ON - The Cameron House
5/22 Toronto, ON - The Great Hall
6/15 Sudbury, ON - Fromagerie
6/20 Whitby, ON - The Knights Hall
6/21 London, ON - London Music Club
6/22 Hamilton, ON - Pearl Company
6/26 Peterborough, ON - The Spill Café
6/29 Kemptville, ON - The Branch
8/15 Toronto, ON - Indulge Concert Series (Pecaut Square)