Adam Green Jacket Full of Danger

Last year, Adam Green almost derailed his career by releasing an uncomfortable album of what sounded like kids songs. It wasn’t a kids album of course; Green’s wacky lyrics would scare even the toughest kid, but many adults found the disc just plain awkward. Thankfully the ex-Moldy Peaches singer has taken a different route on his fifth solo album. The lyrics are still quirky — there’s a jazzy track about drugs, and a weird one about sex that starts with the lyrics, "you know I want to bone you” — but musically, he’s dramatically shifted greats. Channelling his inner Nashville, Green’s put his words to accessible old school country in the vein of Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison and Johnny Cash. On a few occasions, like on "Animal Dreams,” Green shows off his crooner side, which, unfortunately, comes off sounding a little more Matt Dusk than Michael Bublé. Although Jacket Full of Danger is a vast improvement over Gemstones, it’s still Adam Green. He’s fun to listen to a couple times, but it all gets tiring pretty quickly. (Rough Trade)