Jack White Launches Third Man Records Store in London, UK

The shop was teased with something called "Absurd Scam Records"
Jack White Launches Third Man Records Store in London, UK
There's a new music company in town. Something called Absurd Scam Records is launching in London, UK's Soho neighbourhood, and it appears that Jack White's Third Man Records is behind the whole thing.

The company launched an Instagram account back in March, and since then they've been posting a wacky mix of nonsensical memes and engagement bait. There have also been various Easter eggs hinting at Third Man Records: several photos advertise "Swank's Muscle Tee Emporium" (likely referring to TMR co-founder Ben Swank), and an image of a milk carton features a tweaked version of the Third Man logo.

UPDATE (8/10, 9:45 a.m. ET): It's now confirmed: Third Man Records has launched a store in London, UK's Soho neighbourhood. The grand opening is on September 25, and there will be exclusive releases from Paul Weller, David Ruffin, the Jesus & Mary Chain, Cornershop, the Magic Roundabout and Gina Birch of the Raincoats.

Meanwhile, Jack White fans in the UK have been getting invites in the mail. Reddit user u/Rollie_Lover posted an image of an invitation to a store launch on September 25. It says that this is the "Grand Opening of our newest brick-and-mortar shop" and features a globe image that, once again, looks a hell of a lot like the TMR logo.

Additionally, u/dj3rd posted an image of what the London storefront currently looks like. Although it's under construction, the storefront visible through the plastic appears to have one of Third Man's signature black-and-yellow facades.

Last but certainly not least, Absurd Scam held a popup a couple of weeks ago, and the booth was selling Third Man releases. Presumably, all will be revealed on or before September 25.


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